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Seller Representation

Business divestitures are complex and create a wide array of considerations for clients interested in pursuing a sale. Whether the sale is a once-in-a-lifetime event or a common part of your company’s portfolio management, Continuum’s team will work collaboratively with you to seek interested buyers that are both financially qualified and represent a good strategic fit. We prepare a client-specific strategy for offering the business and leverage our vast network of industry contacts to structure the best possible outcome to achieve your objectives.

Buyer Representation

Successful acquisitions depend upon expert guidance and counsel due to the unique economics and risks of the businesses and market dynamics inherent in the engineering and construction industries. Continuum Capital’s professionals not only possess a wealth of buy-side representation expertise, but we also have years of consulting and due diligence experience in assessing acquisition candidates. Our unique combination of experience and relationships ensures that we can not only find the right acquisition candidate to meet your strategic objectives but that we are also best suited to help assess the viability and risk of the transaction.

Financial Advisory

Continuum Capital’s team of advisors helps our clients evaluate the financial implications of a range of strategic objectives – from aggressive growth to restructuring. Whether embarking on a bold new strategy or simply evaluating the capital structure of the business, our clients rely on us to help provide counsel on the most efficient deployment of capital that meets the client’s objectives for cost and risk. Our combination of real-world industry experience and financial acumen yields practical, yet exceptional results for our clients

Ownership Transfer

Ownership transfer and management succession challenges are more acute than ever given the rising average age of private business owners and key executives in the engineering and construction industries. Not only does it take long-range planning to facilitate an internal sale of company stock to the next generation, but the pricing methodology must be logical and fair, the transfer medium must be tax-efficient, and the key managers must be selected with care to facilitate a smooth transition from one ownership group to the next.

Our Approach

Gain Capital.

Our approach is simple – take care of our clients and their interests and success will follow. Our philosophy and competitive advantage is built upon three distinct pillars:

  • Industry Knowledge & Expertise
  • Unparalleled Relationships
  • Client Driven Success

Mark Bridgers

Principal / Founder


Our professionals are recognized experts in the engineering and construction industries. We leverage this knowledge and expertise to provide the best results and highest returns for our clients.


An investment advisory firm is only as strong as its access to influencers, investors, and industry stakeholders. Over our combined four decades in the industry, we have accumulated a vast network of connections and relationships across nearly all vertical and geographic markets that enable us to find the best capital sources, ideal buyers, acquisition candidates, and specialized advice to achieve your objectives.


In addition to our industry-specific expertise and recognized professionalism, we also pride ourselves on always doing the right thing on behalf of our clients by treating each engagement as unique and not forcing our clients into solutions ill-suited for their needs or circumstances.