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Introducing the Pipeline Takeaways Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural Pipeline Takeaways Podcast, brought to you by North American Oil & Gas Pipelines. While most people throughout North America are adjusting to social distancing and a work-from-home lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic, your host, managing editor Brad Kramer, is here to help you navigate the impacts of the pandemic on the economy and the pipeline industry.

To kick off the first episode of the Pipeline Takeaways Podcast, Mark Bridgers, principal at Continuum Capital, talks about how the pandemic is affecting the economy, commodity prices, and the different sectors of the pipeline industry, including gathering pipelines, long-haul liquids, and gas transmission, short-haul transmission (laterals), facilities and structures, gas distribution (replacement and new), maintenance and pipeline integrity

Don’t worry, we’re practicing social distancing by conducting this interview remotely from our respective home offices in Ohio and North Carolina.