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Manisha Shah brings over two decades of experience advising energy and utility leaders in strategy development, strategic and business planning, and operational improvement efforts.   She focuses on electric and gas wholesale, midstream, and downstream sectors, with extensive experience across gas and electric T&D utilities, RTO’s, and energy technology & supplier firms.

Manisha frequently serves senior management teams or Board of Directors in the development of long-range strategic plans, undertaking of scenario planning, creation of intensive and focused growth strategies, design of market entry strategy and the execution of implementation plans. Manisha began her career as a business transformation consultant and has extensive experience leading projects with clients seeking superior operational performance.

Manisha is an avid speaker at industry conference and frequent author on topics of concern to energy and utility industry leaders.  She was the co-author of “On the Move: Why More NGVs are Hitting the Road” published in the American Gas magazine.  Her speaking topics, research and content development efforts include natural gas-related topics at various industry forums targeted to utility CEOs, CFOs, legal, and regulatory professionals.

Manisha was previously employed with Houlihan Lokey as Managing Director, Bridge Strategy Group as Partner and Accenture as Manager where she served in practice leadership, intellectual capital development, and client service responsibilities,. Manisha holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy (MPP) from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts from Wake Forest University. In addition, she completed the Executive Program in Corporate Strategy from the University of Chicago and earned the FINRA Series 63 (Securities) and Series 79 (Investment Banking) designations.

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