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Business Analyst
Atlanta, GA

Jeanie Ball is a business and financial analyst for Continuum Capital. She is passionate about leading people, driving change, designing effective teams, and solving complex business, financial, and management challenges.  Jeanie’s understanding of business solutions and effective small group leadership originates from her academic and internship experience.

Jeanie supports Continuum’s clients by conducting detailed financial and quantitative analysis to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and insights.  She is responsible for the creation, refinement, and improvement of excel-based models, client financial reports, and research presentations. She also manages Continuum’s social media efforts, increasing the company’s exposure and providing key industry updates to clients and followers. Her passion is in connecting business with new research topics to increase efficiency, raise productivity, and improve profits for all parties involved.

Jeanie has extensive experience conducting research and statistical analyses within multiple industries from her academic and internship positions. As a research intern for Charles Aris, an executive search firm based in Greensboro, she became adept at systematizing information for clients to find qualified individuals to fill executive-level positions and performed statistical analyses of company business data to identify key trends within each business. She also served as a legal assistant to Dr. Gregory Parks, a professor at Wake Forest University School of Law, where she examined past cases & literature and assist in Dr. Parks’ cases and legal research projects.

In addition to her internship and academic achievements at Wake Forest, Jeanie has spent eight summers at YMCA of the Triangle Camp Seafarer. During this time, she served as an assistant program manager and was tasked with managing the upkeep of 25 high-quality powerboats to implement a successful summer program for 700 campers. Jeanie credits her time at Seafarer as a staff member and program manager with providing her with the leadership, communication, & problem-solving skills she uses in her professional life. Jeanie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem North Carolina in May of 2021.